I just finished redesigning chatsecure.org (source code) with Jekyll and the beautiful Incorporated theme. Here’s a link to the old version of the website for reference.

One of the main motivations for the redesign was to include information about the recently re-branded Android version of ChatSecure (previously it was called Gibberbot). A large number of support requests for Android started showing up in the iOS GitHub Issues and UserVoice pages, so hopefully this new design should help guide people in the right direction.

Overall I have been very pleased with the zen of writing blog posts and other content in Markdown, and keeping it version controlled with git. Storing text in a database (especially without version control) just seems so broken now.

ChatSecure Logo

ChatSecure is a free and open source encrypted chat client for iPhone and Android that supports OTR encryption over XMPP. ChatSecure was originally available for only iOS devices, but is now also available on Android via The Guardian Project’s similar app, formerly named Gibberbot.

ChatSecure is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.

ChatSecure for iPhone ChatSecure for Android

You can also follow ChatSecure on Twitter or Facebook.


iOS Support

Android Support

Source Code

The source code for both projects is hosted on GitHub.


We accept PayPal and Bitcoin donations for the iOS version. Thank you!

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Nothing like good old Geocities.
Please be patient - This Page is Under Construction!.

This is my first post using Jekyll. Please pardon the mess.