Timothy Francis Leary - September 1950


This archive contains full high resolution scans of Timothy Leary’s PhD dissertation “The Social Dimensions of Personality: Group Process and Structure” from when he was a student at UC Berkeley. The only remaining publicly available copy is held by the University library and is “restricted use” due to the high number of thefts [2]. As far as I know, this is the first copy available on the internet.



  1. leary.epub - for iBooks, Kindle, etc. (OCR text)
  2. leary.pdf - 150dpi compessed collection of images (also available in 300 dpi)
  3. leary.txt - raw OCR text output
  4. leary.torrent - Full archive
  5. Raw JPEGs - unedited raw scans
  6. Full Archive - Google Drive
  7. Internet Archive (archive.org)


These images were scanned at the UC Berkeley Doe Public Library using their free book scanner between November 20, 2015 and December 10, 2015. The highest scan quality possible was selected. Initial attempts at lossless .tiff output were unsuccessful so maximum-quality .jpg was chosen instead.

  1. Timothy Leary (Wikipedia)
  2. Legend of a mind: The archives of Timothy Leary (UC Berkeley Blog)
  3. Summary of the PhD Dissertation of Timothy Leary (Internet Archive)

OCR Engine

Text was extracted using the Tesseract OCR Engine.

  • tesseract 3.04.00
  • leptonica-1.72
  • libjpeg 8d
  • libpng 1.6.18
  • libtiff 4.0.6
  • zlib 1.2.5

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